Aamir Khan Will Come To Pakistan to Celebrate Imran Khan Winning Election ?

Aamir Khan Will Come To Pakistan

In Pakistan’s recent elections, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has taken place in the recent elections and PTI chairman Imran Khan is going to become prime minister. In such a way, Indian actor Amir Khan has also come to fulfill his promise that he himself What was the presence of TI?

During an interview on the occasion of the visit of India, some people, including the questions of attendance were also asked, there were also Amir Khan who addressed Imran Khan and said that ‘You have given good luck to all the questions. The dream is fulfilled, I pray that I am successful, there is such a government in Pakistan who can really solve the problems, intend to have prosperity in Pakistan, it is not only good for the people of Pakistan, but it is good for all of us, I am confident that you are successful, who are intuitive to succeed.
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Amir Khan said, “Miradal says he will be successful because he has been engaged in many years, in the beginning, you face many challenges,” he said. The time now is coming, the time is coming, All the Weekly History. PTI chairman Imran Khan said, “Do not forget to come to Pakistan,” at which Amir Khan said, “Change the situation, when the elections win, we will come to celebrate with many Indian citizens,” Pakistan said. I’ve won Imran Khan and it’s time when Amir Khan has to fulfill his promise. Watch video


Let see Aamir Khan Will Come To Pakistan? or not

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