DG ISPR Said We Support Election Commission of Pakistan

Pak Army DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor says that all the suspicion of elections have broken, and our role in the elections in 2018 is supported.

Major General Asif Ghor, head of the Army Staff of Public Relations (ISPR), briefed the media in Rawalpindi for the elections 2018, adding that this would be the third election when the people will maintain democratic continuity.

He added that on July 25, the Election Commission will support, Army has also been serving in the last election, it is the first priority for maintaining peace in the country.

DG ISPR said that polling stations will be deployed in and out of polling stations on the polling day, in this regard Pakistan has established a support center in Rawalpindi, which will be able to contact the Election Commission for holding election in whole Pakistan. Will do

Complete Speech of DG ISPR 

Major General Asif Ghafoor added that the army has not been deployed for the first time in the 2018 election, the army has also been serving in previous elections, the army has no direct role in the Army’s election, the 2013 elections are relatively difficult. Were there

He said that we have to help the Election Commission, with the election commission, the ballot commission is moving with the Election Commission staff, army deployment will be completed 3 days before July 25, the polling station The free and fair election is not allowed to be restricted to the youth within.

DG ISP ARCA says it will be the responsibility of the army to not allow any unnecessary person to come to the polling station, the number of votes it will be cast in the belt box, must be exhausted from the box, if the ballot box is 100 votes If there should be 100 votes during the counting, most of the election material delivery is going through the road, if helicopters are required, they will also be able to use the election materials, without the restrictions. To be delivered to locations.

He says that there will be more than 20 thousand sensitive polling stations in 2 young polling stations and 2 out of the polling station, in the entire election process, the army needs 3 lakh 71 thousand 388 personnel, while we have navy and aerial personnel It is also included, if a soldier stands, then he is not the one behind him.

Major General Asif Ghafoor said that we have ensured that no unrelated persons should be used in the printing press if helicopters will be used for distribution of election materials, the young people concerned within the polling station Will stop from going inside, media reports that do not ask questions from the young man inside.

He said that foreign observers will be given access to their cards, the Election Commission has prepared the election code of conduct for the first time on which the Pak Army will implement, the forces of the Pakistan election process are neutral and non-existent. It will be done in the style, from morning to evening, the person who is heartbeat is saying, a party’s representative went to another party, it did not happen for the first time. I could not talk like this. Is.

He further says that without any fear, vote for your favorite candidate, who wants the public to vote, vote for the representative you like, political parties are charged with other allegations by contesting parties. Which election was not told by any party that it was deteriorated.

DG ISPR further added that our political party is not a political affiliate, how it is possible that the army should say in any way that to do so, many things are part of the election campaign, not the election mark. SI releases neither forces Pakistan, as Jeep is shown to us that candidates do not have the army, the focus of Pakistan is towards the main issue.

The spokesman for the Pak Army said that not to see everything from doubt, ISI did not have any role in the event of Multan. General Faiz’s name, the names do not know what their work is, General Faiz has a very important role in the fight against terrorism.

DG ISPR said that Pakistan has been fighting the survival of Pakistan for 15 years, these things are not new. See all the previous elections, the environment in which the elections are being held in 2013, the day of election You will plant the next 5 years, you only have to sow and you have to cut it.

Major General Asif Ghafoor DG ISPR said that the main responsibility in the election is whether the Election Commission has done it, we are supporting the Election Commission in the election, the public should be concluded that the JSV should be concluded, the public that will be selected will be the same as Pakistan and our minister. Will be prime

DG ISPR also said that the creation of space creatures, we know what kind of creature we are, our creatures are political slogans, we are the creatures of the Lord, will serve the people, the army chief’s photo posters come. The Supreme Court took notice, the Pak Army’s commitment is only from the public.

He further added that we can not ignore the social media that will work against the country, some of those who work against the country on social media are tired and will be tired, FIA regards social media Captain retired Safdar was punished from the civil court, the Election Commission has allowed him to be allowed under any law, to keep the outside of polling station outside the polling station. Is.