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Dunya News Live – Tuning to ‘Khabar Ki Dunya’ with Dunya News is the best decision to get hold of most recent Dunya TV Live. A sea of news and ebb and flow issues is none other than Dunya News, a channel that gives you refreshes from governmental issues, economy, business, games, stimulation and so forth. Exhibiting you a prevalent Urdu news station situated in Lahore, Dunya News unquestionably a standout amongst the most watched stations in the circuit that means to convey an extensive variety of most recent breaking news, and best stories from Pakistan and rest of the world. Dunya News TV telecasts select the scope of checked news ideal from the newsroom of the station.

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Dunya TV News is oversaw by National Communication administration ns (SMC) Pvt. Ltd. Dunya TV is becoming showbiz royalty the nation over with the help of huge system of news correspondences, specialized offices, data. There are is the colossal system of department workplaces in real urban communities like Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Multan, Peshawar, Sukkur, Dera Ismail Khan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and all other sub-regions. Not in any case a solitary region or city is missed from news coverage. Dunya TV Live coverage is additionally conceivable through the influxes of web, where you can observe Live TV on your PDA or PC whenever Dunya Tv Live.

Dunya Tv Live has monstrous boundless scope of news all finished Pakistan that most likely gives them an edge over others. Making up for lost time live Dunya TV Live  has turned into a pattern; particularly the online clients devote their opportunity to scan for most recent updates from their innovation contraptions. Things change all of a sudden in Pakistan that has made watchers exceptionally touchy towards news. They jump at the chance to keep refreshed with all kind of most recent drifting news.Dunya TV Live spilling is yet another well-known component that individuals like to utilize. It is anything but difficult to access and makes it simple for the clients to check news refreshes whenever and anywhere. Broadcasting most recent news and however inciting television shows is the strong point of Dunya News. The station is known for broadcasting Dunya TV Urdu News for the Pakistani group of onlookers. The channel intends to achieve masses of Pakistan, in this way it make a point to communicate most recent and slanting news in Urdu. Dunya news features are communicated each hour cooking all the most recent news and occasions that interests the watchers. Being Pakistan’s well known and most watched channel, Dunya News conveys you most recent updates for each and every event in the nation Dunya TV Live

Wajahat Saeed Khan’s ‘Mahaaz demonstrate is doubtlessly the significant feature of Dunya TV Live.

Dunya News Live – Welcome to “Khabar Ki Dunya” by tuning into Pakistan’s most prominent Dunya TV Live organize, Dunya News. Viewed as a standout amongst the most encouraging and well known news channel of the country, Dunya TV reached more noteworthy statures of progress because of its astonishing, credible and intriguing substance. Dunya TV Urdu News is a 24 hours channel that communicate the substance in national dialect. Shaped in relationship with National Communication it ended up official in December 2008. Dunya news oversaw by Mian Amir Mehmood communicate news and relating syndicated programs in Urdu vernacular 24 hours by means of neighborhood interface drivers. Dunya News Live has high nearby reach and witness live transmission of news and current issues in different urban, towns, towns, and other removed districts of Pakistan. The Dunya news live and current issues indicates have monstrous prevalence and viewership. The very acclaimed Dunya news TV appears with high TRP appraisals incorporate Hasb – e-Haal, Mazak Raat, Mahaaz, Cross Fire, News Watch, Police File, Tonight with Dr. Moeed Pirzada, to give some examples. The clash of TRP has won without any help by Hasb e Haal distinction Azizi because of his diverting execution. He influences the group of onlookers to overflow with chuckling by his mark Punjabi style of examination on winning current undertakings and issues. Dunya news in 2012 extended its business activities by enhancing its skill in print media by beginning a daily paper “Dunya Newspaper”. Today, Dunya News TV has risen as Pakistan’s most loved current issues channel taking care of the test of bona fide announcing consummately well.

Prevalent Shows


Noteworthy voice, through information and sure announcing makes Wajahat Saeed Khan’s show Mahaaz hugely prevalent among overall population. Mahaaz is a journalistic TV program that depends on different sorts of Mahaaz where Pakistan was tested and it rose as successful. In each scene, Wajahat S. Khan takes you to an unbelievable voyage investigating different difficulties and breaking down the genuine capability of Pakistan to handle that test. Mr. Wajahat Saeed Khan is a famous writer and a former student of Harvard University and University of Michigan. We as a whole are awed and entranced from his interesting method for introducing a show. The show is broadcast on Sunday.

Hasb e Haal

The show needs no presentation. It is currently an easily recognized name. Clever, enlightening, and brimming with excitement, Hasb e Haal is positively Pakistan’s most viewed and most loved show. This drama syndicated program is broadcast on Dunya News at 11: pm from Thursday to Sunday. The hosts of the show are Junaid Saleem, Najia Baig, and Sohail Ahmed who introduces a political and social parody in their extraordinary style. It expects to raise voice against the chances of the general public in a lighter comical tone, taunts the peace, legal, government arrangements, and blemishes in the whole existing arrangement of Pakistan. The fame of the show is the pertinence of the substance and the way it is displayed. You can watch Hasb e Haal on the web and live on Hamariweb.com with most recent recordings and scenes of the syndicated program.

Mazaaq Raat

Mazaq Raat is a prevalent show of Dunya TV. The show is facilitated by eminent TV on-screen character Wasay Chaudhry with the group including Amanullah Khan, Iftikhar Thakur, Sakhawat Naz, and DJ Mohsin Abbas Haider. The show broadcasts from Monday to Wednesday at 11:05pm. The configuration of the show is engaging as the DJ Jutt starts and closures the show with a farce tune. Noman Ejaz has the show brilliantly with Mazaaq Raati group that squeeze in with the snide and clever comments. Alternate individuals from the show are Miss Tech that involves Fatima Sohail and Hanel Siddiqui. You can watch Mazaq Raat on the web and live on Hamariweb.com with most recent recordings and scenes of the syndicated program.

It is continually fascinating for us to get refreshed with the present news and tattles of the world_ This has turned into a need as well as a propensity. Indeed, even an individual can not make due in this world without knowing the present issues and conditions of his state_ Minya news live has given another edge and absolutely new shape to the universe of news. This channel has everything for the general population of Pakistan to stay involved. Uncertainties a news channel as well as a political data center point. It won’t not be right at all to state that has won the hearts of different individuals inside and outside the area to much degree

A brief about Dunya News Live Streaming

It is constantly more than fascinating and useful for us to have a possibility of thinking about a channel and its history That is completely obvious that the hurrying around of our fives has made is Dunya News Live Streaming and completely worn out. The world has turned into a gbbal town so as the issues and concerns. We generally need to remain refreshed with the present and hot political, social and social undertakings. This isn’t just an approach to keep us unblemished at the extra time yet additionally an approach to open up our brains and help us comprehend the present issues of the world and nation we live in. In a matter of moments, when we become more acquainted with what is happening inside our nation and how much serious have turned into the negative issues, we mean to attempt a considerable measure to commit ourselves in settling those issues_ But before this we endeavor to know the inception, reasons and fundamental ideas of such an issue, and this is just made conceivable with a decent and presumed TV’s news channel. It is valid for us to state that the universe of Pakistan amusement is presently full with assortment of channels where we can see our most loved shows, dramatizations and news however Dunya News Live Streaming has still figured out how to influence its particular place among each one of those I to can state this for beyond any doubt that Dunya News Live Streaming five has possessed the capacity to create and communicate the news appears, features, as well as venous political, realty and talk shays The reason for every one of these grounds of shows being communicated by Dunya News Live Streaming online live has had dependably been to keep Me individuals of Pakistan mindful with the present issues and issues inside the county_ !so a vanety of news based projects ensure that the general population are spurred increasingly through venous perspectives to come up and assume their part in making this nation a tranquil place to five in Historical review of Dunya News Live Streaming

When it wants us to name Dunya News Live Streaming on the web or wile something around 4, at that point how might we neglect to brief about its history This is the reason I should state Pakistan live is one of the well known urdu Language news channels. It tracks its history once more from 2C08 when this channels establishment was set down. The credit ought to be given to National Communication Service Pat Ltd_ This organization established the earlier framework of live to Dunya News Live Streaming The motivation behind the administration for broadcasting such a channel was to keep the general population of Pakistan mindful with the nation and global issues. The administered groups of Dunya News Live Streaming gushing are knowledgeable and completely proficient. They know exceptionally well how to keep up the pride of the channel high. Beyond any doubt the opposition among the news channels is extremely intense, we can likewise enroll a few names like express news, ARY news, Same Iv and others_ But still let me disclose to you that Dunya News Live Streaming coo live has its particular and extraordinary place in the hearts of Pakistani individuals. The headquarter o’ the direct is in Lahore, be that as it may, its city based workplaces are spread everywhere throughout the nation News appeared with a reason to make mindfulness into the Pakistani individuals. It additionally inclinations to give the general population adequate data and keep them refreshed with each enormous or little occurring inside or outside the country. To make this conceivable, administration and vocal bodes work day and night and attempt ti keep the spint of its fans high and advance increasingly Bureau office areas of Dunya News Live Streaming

it has just been said that live is headquartered in Lahore, however its dresser workplaces are situated in various different taxis too, yet the absolute most perceived and knowledgeable office areas are in,

Karachi Islamabad Quetta Peshawar Multan Guiranwala Faisalabad Muzaffarabad Sukkur Dera Ismail Khan

The people and staff individuals waking in these workplaces dependably attempt their best to be aggressive has completely centered around giving first class and quality arranged news programs. Its staff and stay people are completely taught, exceedingly proficient and devoted. They make whole that every last issue, issue or concern is being conveyed to the consideration of the general population. This is done to keep the general population particularly the adolescents of the nation mindful of what is occurring inside the nation and how they should act to bring it towards a fruitful pathway

Instructions to contrast dunya news and an excitement channel

It is very intense for us to contrast a news channel and an excitement channel. Be that as it may, what makes dunya live magnificent is the vane of shows and educational projects which am being communicated each day These shows incorporate the news ones, features, as well as a great deal of basic and explanatory reports, daring shows, polfficaltalks and comparable other syndicated programs. I should state that dunya lv live gives a great deal of assortment projects to its watchers that naming this channel to be a full wellspring of data won’t not be right by any means. Be that as it may, unquestionably in the event that you have a mode to not watch those television shows a-tune in to the news, at that point you turn it off and move to an amusement station. Yet at the same time this is totally wrong for us to state that a diversion channel can be the best interchange of a news channel like. This is because of the reason that the sort of data and mindfulness a news channel can give us, is basically difficult to get from a stimulation channel. Fa illustration, keeps us refreshed with the nation’s issues and the worldwide issues. It likewise keeps us mindful of the emergency and worries of the world and every one of the nations around th flap. This turns into the motivation to inspire us more to act like the foundation of our country’s flourishing The improvement of such a profound and inventive idea is basically impractical by an amusement channel_ So by all methods we can state that a news channel like has much preferable sentiment over an excitement or show channel International telecom administrations of Dunya news:

It a very intriguing marvel that dunya television live has not exclusively been an acclaimed news station at national level, yet additionally 4 h. picked up hugely high popularty at universal level too. Up until now, it has been communicating its administrations in various countries of the world, out of them the most unmistakable names are United Nab Emirates, Europe, Canada and United States of America. In these countries, dunya television live is gladly airing it station and the general population here adoration to watch the news refreshes and other syndicated programs. To keep up the level of its prosperity high both at national and worldwide level, dunya administration really buckles down and inputs its endeavors in a successful way so that the Pakistani individuals as well as the Muslims and watchers of different religions can value the quality projects and news updates of the channel. This has been made conceivable just due to the interminable and devoted pertormanc • of the entire colleagues of dunya_ I can state this with glad that the channel is before long going to build the chart of its prominence as a portion of the forthcoming shows and projects and additionally reality shows of n’ will be far better than what we are as of now seeing these days. For what reason not, he needs to contend alternate news channels of universal level, for example, BBC, New York Times and others, so to get 4 going there is sufficient to chip away at. The competition of global news directs and making due in this race isn’t some tea. The administration and authority people of dunya television live are very much aware with the reality and this is the reason their endeavors and commitment to act well are without a doubt admirable_ To engage its telecom to an ever increasing extent, 4 has procured a portion of the best, experienced and knowledgeable stays who are consistently assuming their crucial part in bringing this station towards a constructive course of artemational notoriety. Best and acclaimed stays of dunya television:

I can state this with glad and certainty that dunya daily paper has a portion of the best and most splendid grapples in Pakistan. These are the general population who have endeavored to end up noticeable on-screen. So I can state this for beyond any doubt that the part of such fruitful and very much experienced grapples in raising the chart of channels ubiquity can not be overlooked at any way The most mainstream and astonishing stays of dunya, Tang Mateen Javad ahmed Sadque Muhammad Alma! Jami Junahi Saleem !gra Shahzad Rehman Azhar Samna Ramazan Ayesha Naz Ayesha Zuffigar Uzma Nauman Salman Hassan Nabeeha Eiaz we can see from the rundown over that Dunya News Live television live paper grapples are wonderfully marvelous and to a great degree capable This is because of the reason that them is definitely no room of trade off with the nature of a show tang communicated. I should state mooring is an extremely intense activity. Not every one of the general population, investigators and taught pumabsts can do it professionally This is in truth a shrouded matter of aptitudes which are skilled by Gad to less and chose people of the nation paper administration and authority people worked extremely elusive out these super capable and to a great degree competent anchors_ Their part in making the channel fruitful is exceptionally obvious. These individuals are given full flexibility to look into by their own about a particular subject or issue of the country_ The syndicated programs and polffical tattles these stays Dunya News Live

+are ratty basic and educational from venous perspectives We, not just, find the opportunity of staying mindful with the bits of knowledge and in profundities of the present area and universal issues, yet in addition these grapples work truly had and astonishingly to keep up the consideration of the watchers occupied_ This is may be the reason that has been honored with heaps of succ.s and acclaim

It won’t not be right for me to name as a solid channel of Pakistan. Since the day 4 appeared, we could have an opportunity to appreciate with assortment of shows and projects revolting this news channel has given us considerably more than the news and hemlines_ It has given us the data about venous national and global issues, political issues, nation’s inside issues and much e all the more Such a brilliant channel which is obligated to bring a great deal of things and assortment of projects for us is unquestionably the one which can rule the core of the Pakistani watchers. Me Pakistani as well as the general population particularly the Muslims having a place with different parts of the world desire bye to watch the assortment of shows and news areas of five Have you at any point endeavored to ask yourself this inquiry that for what valid reason we should give live Dunya television inclination when there are such a large number of different news stations additionally accessible? In the event that this inquiry strikes your mind at that point let me reveal to you that PTV News has no option. The astonishing and useful shows, best grapples, vocals, anahffics and challenges, every one of these individuals have assumed their loyal part in conveying Dunya news to the statures of achievement. The rundown of a portion of the profoundly honorable and knowledgeable shows and projects of live Dunya television are given underneath • Hasb-e-Haal (Junaid Salem, Soh. Ahmed, Naim BanHaving the respect of being the most watched program in Pakistan, Hasb-e-Haal is a political and hub parody.) • Minya ki Tareekh, • Dunya T. Hai • Minya TV Special • Faislay Se Pahle (Program Hosty.ha Naz, Ayesha Zulfigar) • Ilm-O-Hikmat (Program HostZubair Ahmed and GuestJaved Ahmed Ghamdi) • Khabar Yeh Ho (Program HostSami Ibrahim, Swell ra Oen, Shane Akram) • Kyun (Program HostArshad Shareef) • Mai Dunya with Hassan Nisar (Prcgram HostAyesha Khaki, Hassan Nisar) • Nuqta Nazar (Program HostHabe Akram and GuestMuieeb-ur-Rehman Shaamrt • On The Front (Program Hosaamran Shahid) • Peyam-E-Subh (Program Host/Nog Ahmed) • Police File (Program HostS P Musa) (There is substantially more to a wrongdoing story than the wrongdoing itself SP Musa takes up the overwhelming assignment to disclose and burg into light the dim universe of wrongdoing.) • Promos (Minya TV) • Saboot

Reaching the Dunya News Live newspersons:

Day by day Am Dunya Tv Live Live delegates are constantly prepared to connect with the individuals who require their assistance. Thor on-screen and behind-the-screen people are dependably there to tune in, comprehend and participate with you amid the extreme circumstances If you have some issue and need to get the tuned in by media then you can unreservedly and whenever contact any of the people of dunya news urdu because of an expectation and certainty that they will tune in and return to your at the eat est

Head Office Minya TV 8-An, Abbot Road, Lahore UAN 111-1-Dunya News Live(38692)


+92-42-6362440 Email infoO Dunya News Live  to Bureau Office Islamabad Plot No 11 Sector G-711, Islamabad Phone: +9251-2820159

Fax +9251-2820157 Bureau Office Karachi 42/1/E, BNoff,off , PE C 1-1 S SOCIETY, Karachi Phone: +92-21-4548695

Fax +92-21-4548955 Bureau Office Multan

64-A, Sheesh Mahal Colony, Opposite PIA Office,

Close SP Chow* Atodah Road Mullen


+92-61-4540105-6 +92-344-4440981 Fax +92-61-4540107 Bureau Office Peshawar 7/A 29-The Mall, Near First Woman Bank, Peshawar Gantt Phone: +92(0)91-5271801 – 4 Fax +92915254025 Bureau Office Quetta B-5, second Floor, Swiss Palaza, Jainha Road, Quetta Gantt Phone: +92-81-2825078, 2837180 Fax +92-81-2837754 Bureau Office Muzaffarabad Kryani House B 1024, Near President Secretariat Nano! Jalalabad, Muzaffarabad Azad Jammu and Kashmir Phone: +925822-432985 Fax +925822-432985 Bureau Office Sukkhur Bungalow A/32, Akhuwat Nagar, Friends Cooperative Housing Society Shikar Pur Road, Sukkur_ Phone: +92-344-4440925 Bureau Office I l Khan Dunya TV Network, Fort Road, Dora Ismail Khan, Pakistan. Agency Office Faislabad Paippon Wale Pull, Canal Road, Near Happlac Paints, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Telephone: +92-41-8501295-96



So in the event that you have some kind of issue and need to gel your voice tuned in by the TV news channel, at that point you can approach Dunya News Live television at any of these areas, numbers or workplaces. Remain associated with the channel and you will get an ever increasing number of updates about the current political, temperate, criminal and other nation issues_ The channel, Dunya News Live is totally a fine and dependable wellspring of information_ It is viable and perfect for the ournalrsm understudies and the individuals who are realty intrigued to think about the nation’s and worldwide undertakings minor and the sky is the limit from there.

Dunya News Live at interne:

Finding the online life pages and sites of www Dunya News Live Dunya Tv Live is a significant simple thing nowadays. For the simplicity of our perusers, we have given the points of interest of the channels pages and site. You can get refreshed with the present Dunya Tv Live and hot tattles online at their site ) what’s more, Ban can likewise approach the people or remain associated with their Dunya Tv Live life pages like Facebook ( ) and twitter ) So this is the most obvious opportunity for any of us who is just an enthusiast of Dunya Tv Live television news and need to join its locale on the sacral websites_ I can state this with certainty that you will get bunches of data and an opportunity to build your insight as on these site pages and informal organizations, many individuals and perusers come each day and information their proposals and remarks from alternate points of view. So don’t hesitate to be one of them who am preferring the direct in a stunning and engaging way Follow their tweets, find than a facebook or even observe the current and refreshed data at the site specified previously