Live (Telecast Special) Nawaz Sharif And Meryam Nawaz Coming To Lahore

Live (Telecast Special) Nawaz Sharif And Maryam Nawaz Coming To Lahore

Nawaz Sharif And Meryam Nawaz Comming To Lahore  Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz came to Abu Dhabi, NAB team will arrest both of them as soon as they enter the Pakistani boundaries. The NAB team will also contact Pakistan Ambassador in Abu Dhabi. When the NAB team arrive at in the Pakistani boundaries, the two suspects will be detained.
The NAB team will be brought back to Pakistan by arresting former prime minister and his brother-in-law from Abu Dhabi. On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif and Mary Nawaz will fly from Lahore to 6pm to 15 minutes on Friday evening. However, the NAB team will fly Nawaz Sharif and Mary Nawaz during the flight or from the United Arab Emirates. While possibly Nawaz Sharif and Mary Nawaz’s flight is likely to turn away from Lahore, it is likely to take Islamabad. In the case of Lahore, Nawaz Sharif and Mary Nawaz will be taken to Adela Jail by riding a helicopter on the airport.

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PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and his counterpart Maryam Nawaz will return to the country today. According to the return of Naveed Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, PML-N workers and 18 leaders welcomed him on the new Lahore Airport. The preparations are Krishi. Nawaz Sharif flew to Abu Dhabi from London via Private Airline flight E-18.
Nawaz Sharif and Mary Nawaz took pictures of farewell visits from the family before leaving for London to Abu Dhabi. It was believed that Nawaz Sharif and Mary Nawaz’s Leader activists and leaders of the United Arab Emirates are coming to reach Abu Dhabi. Will be welcomed but nothing happened.
According to the media report, PM Nawaz Sharif rejected protocol on Abu Dhabi Airport and spent 7 hours there with VVP, dismissing the ruling UAE government, saying that he was sentenced to any convicted person Neither will you support nor will any such protocol be given to such a person.Nawaz Sharif And Meryam Nawaz Comming To Lahore

Sources said that close companions of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PML-N) leader Nawaz Sharif tried to get government protocols during the formation of Arab Emirates and also meet some important government figures so that the government could pressure Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif said. A close friend of a close friend was extremely dynamic, but he had to face completely failed because the UAE government had told them clearly that they would not intervene in any country’s affairs and themselves against corruption. The United Arab Emirates government is not helping any punished person Can.Nawaz Sharif And Meryam Nawaz Comming To Lahore
Sources said that in close proximity to Qatar and Iran, close proximity to Nawaz Sharif is in touch and Iran has been prepared to support Nawaz Sharif by itself. Britain, India, and the American lobby will also try to play its role in it. Sources say that PML-N’s leader Nawaz Sharif met three foreigners before leaving London.Nawaz Sharif And Meryam Nawaz Comming To Lahore
Important information about this is getting information. There are five TV channels and two newspapers in the international media coming with Nawaz Sharif, a leading Indian media group has proposed for Nawaz Sharif and will also intervene for such individuals who will be Pakistan’s Pakistan Talk against the institutions, then these interviews will be broadcast on leading Indian and other foreign TV channels. Nawaz Sharif and Mary Nawaz are quite disappointed because they do not find any protocol on reaching Abu Dhabi. Now see how many workers welcome the Lahore airport at the return of Nawaz Sharif and Mary Nawaz.

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