Pakistani Talk Shows

Pakistani Talk Shows

Here You will find the Best Pakistani Talk Shows And Pak talk Shows list.

Pak talk Shows

Well, many people in Pakistan use a term Pak talk Shows which mean a talk shows [playing on Pakistani Channels like Geo News, Ary News, Samaa News, Bol News, And Hum news etc. All these channels are Pakistani and they Give you a latest Pakistani Talk shows And Pak Talk shows. Now I will give you a brief overview of Pakistani talk Shows one by one

List Of Pakistani Talk Shows

Pakistani Talk Shows

So the most viral Pakistani Talk shows list is ( Live with Dr. Shahid Masood ). Well, this talk shows run on Newsone news Channel. According to resources, this is one of the most watching Pakistani talk Shows on the history of Pakistan. Many times we see that life with Dr. Shahid Masood most trending on youtube.

The Second and Most watching Pak talk shows are (Muqabil with Rauf Klasra and Aamir Mateen) this Talk shows telecast on 92 News from Monday to Thursday at 10:00 pm. This Pakistani talk show run by two Major senior anchor Rauf Klasra and Aamir Mateen both are well educated and work on different Newspapers their article also read many peoples.

The Third Most watching Pak talk show is (Off The Record with Kashif Abbasi) this talk shows telecast on ARY news from Monday to Thursday at 9:00 pm sharp. Their Anchor is very senior in news industry he has more than 10 Years Experience in Their Industry make Sure you watch Their talk shows on Buland tv.

Forth Most watching Pakistani talk Show is (Capital Talk with Hamid Mir) That is Most watching Pakistani talk shows presently telecast on Geo news the timing of this Pak talk show is 9:00 pm from Monday to Thursday? Approx and the Anchor of this Pakistani talk show are Hamid Mir which is one of the most known anchors and senior journalist on Pakistan. He has great efforts in their career and their talk show watch worldwide to watch This talk show Make sure you visit our website Buland Tv.

Now the Fifth Post Popular Pakistani talk show is (Meray Mutabiq with Hassan Nisar) in this talk show an Achor talk with Hassan Nisar and ask a different question about current happening in Pakistan and give feedback of their words. this Pak talk shows will telecast on Majorly on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 pm. Hassan Nisar also a very Senior and Major Journalist His fan following is Amazing on twitter. Majority of Different politician known Hassan Nisar personally.

Sixth most seeing Pakistani talk show is (Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal) This not we say Talk shows basically this is a Comedy show of Pakistan telecast on Express News and they live on tv at 10 pm from Thursday to Sunday. Khabardar TRP is really great due to its funny thinks many people laugh at this shows.we also cover this Pakistani comedy show on Our Website Buland tv.

At Seventh Number According to Buland tv is (Power Play) that is telecast on ARY news presently and their timing of on Tv is at 9:00 pm from Monday to Thursday the Popularity of this Pakistani talk show also amazing and really inspiring Buland tv we also cover this Pak talk show. Checkout in Your list to watch all Latest Pakistani talk shows.

On Ninth number (Breaking Views With Malick) With is great I personally like Muhammad Malick which is an Achor of this Paksiatni talk Show. This Program telecast on 92 News at 9:00 pm Sharp from Friday to Sunday.

The tenth Number is (Khabarnaak) This is also a Comedy show in Pakistan that telecasts on Geo news And the timing of This Comedy show is at 11:00 pm from Friday to Sunday.

The tenth Number is For (Bol Bol Pakistan) that presently live on Dawn News from 8:00 pm sharp

The Eleventh Number is For (Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Ke Saath) is still live on geo news as you see that many popular Pakistani talk show telecast on Geo News the reason behind is the fastest and old news channel of Pakistan. we also share their live telecast make sure you check out and enjoy our Live streaming services.

Twelve Number is reserved for (Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry) that is one of the most likely talks shows from me.t his Pakistani talk show cast is Javad Choudhry and their timing is 11:00 pm sharp from Monday to Friday.

Thirteen Number is For (Khara Sach with Mubasher Luqman) Mubashir Luqman is also in a list of most popular Journalist and serious Anchor. their man Following is huge on Twitter and Also on facebook many people like Mubashir Luqman. The reason for their popularity is PTI. Yes, we are right Mubashir Luqman personally like PTI and the people like PTI also like Mubashir Bhai. The information that we provide on our website is not legally right this is Buland tv Assumption but if you have any issue regarding our product kindly contact us we will change it accordingly if we find any serious issue.

Fourteen Number is reserved for (Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga on Bol) I love Aamir Bhai personally the way he talks is amazing and how he expresses their words is amazing and he is straightforward now Move on their talk show.P recently his Pakistani Talk Shows telecast on Bol News.when their Pak talk show start their TRP is blasting all other t6alk shows behind this but due to some factors their talk shows ban from PEMRA but now he is living again on Bol news. We also Cover their Talk show on Buland tv.

Fifteen Number is for (To the Point) is telecast on Express news and live on 9:00 sharp.

Sixteen Number is (Tonight With Moeed Pirzada) this talk Shows literally amazing telecast on Dunya News majority of the website did not telecast this talk Show but Buland tv is one of the most and fast-growing Pakistani talk show Platform that give you all talk shows of Dunya News. Moed POirzada is Also a Serious anchor and Senior Journalist.

More About Pakistani Talk Shows

For several months, I am looking at Pakistan’s talks, which include Capital Talk, Click, Islamabad tonight and Mood Pirzada. These and other things invite ministers, politicians, journalists, and sometimes experts to discuss national matters about important legal matters in front of foreign policy, domestic rule, terrorism, and Supreme Court. It Pakistani Talk Shows, although broadcasting on various TV channels, follow a formulation pattern that every Pakistani Talk Shows anchor and everything, Pakistani Talk Showsfour or five times a week, for about an hour. Invites three or four panelists to discuss specific topics. Conversation provides uncertainty that Pakistani media has more freedom than corporate media. However, Pakistan’s dialogue Pakistani Talk Shows, although too raw, incredible, and incredibly, possibly harmful to the distribution of quality ideas, such as American lovers in the corporate media, but are extremely filtered things. .

Pakistani interaction is detected, Urdu is done with Urdu in Urdu, especially Pakistanis ready for the purpose of policymakers, are hopeful of government, army, Parliament, and Judiciary. It appears to understand problems and find solutions. It seems that the public is also looking for a Pakistani Talk Shows to educate. Unfortunately, his optimization and educational mission have failed, because most panelists are poorly informed and are very little preparation for the theme of day to communicate with many anchors.

This depends on the knowledge and skills of the ancestors and panelists, the quality looks quite different. However, for the most part, the fact is that politicians and media analysts have sought this theme. In a few days, the same politicians revolve the opinions of other subjects from a Pakistani Talk Shows on different subjects such as energy shortage, terrorism, and culture of corruption. Many panelists do not have reliable skills to discuss topics given with any useful information or beneficial information. Most panelists, including media analysts and lawyers, engage in matches running together, discussing at the same time discussing clicks, party slogans, hockey jokes, and each other. Reduce serious charges against. Anchor enjoying oral controversy between panelists, after proving guests against each other, tolerates the poor quality of discussion.

The poorest point of view Pakistani Talk Shows deep truth about Pakistan’s culture. During the decades, Pakistani culture has tolerated a standard that everyone is capable of providing feedback on any topic.

It’s a cultural alien for Pakistan. Sadly I do not know anything about this subject. Consequently, culture allows everyone to express opinions on any topic, including F-16 flights, has been the most effective treatment for leukemia, or why vehicles in vehicles with vehicles Can not come.

Freedom to express the opinion is a fundamental freedom protected under the human rights law. While Pakistan should be praised to transform this freedom into a cultural exhibition, the fact is that everyone does not know how F-16 is a fly.

Advertising testing is fun and cathartic, but ideas expressed in educational Pakistani Talk Shows will be very beneficial if sound based on sound. So it is important to talk about conversation managers to fight for cultural standards – all of this and carefully choose panelists to present relevant knowledge and skills on a subject. Most importantly, communication should be to diversify the list of publicists and choose the ability to facilitate guests.

Although there is a negotiation industry in Pakistan, some anchor has developed excellent professional skills to organize the interview and promote sharp questions. For example, jirga’s interactive interview is interviewed. His recent interview with Afghan President Hamid Karzai performed wonderfully and professionally. Ba’ath’s eagle has developed very well and talks with a serious but instructional direction. On the contrary, the hosts of Bolta Pakistan rarely had to use their abilities and came to the worst and happier manner.

An error that kills maximum Pakistani Talk Shows is an inaccessible manufacture. It is not a secret that there is a capable team behind every successful anchor, which investigates and prepares looters to interact with topic content and coach tracking experts. In the United States of America, the PBS News Hover is a well-known example of a well-known showcase where a researcher has a small part of every transit program. It looks like Pakistani TV channels do not transmit enough resources and research assistance to prepare for the Pakistani Talk Shows. When a ready anchor is engaged in communicating with poorly informed guests, then a seat is very effective.

The second approach of Pakistani interaction is a high frequency that four or five full-length detections is found in the same لنگر. Capital Talk, for example, has been at least four times a week. Although its enclosure is a respected media person, it is not enough to prepare for every Pakistani Talk Shows. Maximum anchors hold four or five Pakistani Talk Shows. When discussing a poorly prepared anterrorism rather than interaction facilities between the deceiters, it is emphasized on its shared approaches. I have seen the ancestors, nor the lawyers of the training, who declined the Pakistan constitution by rejecting the constitutional attorney’s invitation to the panel.


The talk of Pakistan being broadcast on various TV channels Pakistani Talk Shows that he is designed to educate the people and influence policy makers in Islamabad. The mission is satisfactory and it should not be abandoned.

However, it appears that their mission is unsuccessful because most of the panelists do not lack the knowledge and expertise to discuss this topic. An anchor holds a display of four or five full lengths, one week is not just a reasonable time to research this subject and manage useful dialogues. If you do not have an account yet, register now! This video has been sent wrong. Please try again.

If you do not have an account yet, register now! I’m sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! In addition, communication managers need to increase the role of national, regional and international experts in different fields, and this refuses to invite a few people.

Live talk shows

Here on Buland TV, we are dedicated to serving everyone who is interested in seeing the latest conversation on various social, financial and political matters in Pakistan. People of all ages are more interested in seeing the political debate and we are now announcing the most informative live communication on political matters. Live TV Pakistani Talk Shows at any time watching by pure TV online at any time.

Latest Pakistan TV Talk Shows

Even if you reject the live telephony of any program or conversation that runs on Pakistan’s channels, it is certain that the TV will be re-released to the television as daily play Pakistani Talk Shows, current issues, and the latest This is a real and well-known platform to see the political debate. These days, TPPs increase the maximum number of Pakistani channels. Pak TV will provide you access to the latest Pakistani Talk shows that can be seen at any time if you have access to the Internet.

Politics On Pakistani Talk Shows

Therefore, if you always want to keep an eye on current issues and political warnings, you can choose from the latest Pakistani leader in the TV Pakistani Talk Shows list of all your interest areas. If you always miss your most important yet interesting programs and conversations, then this Internet Channel allows you to watch the best of the conversation at any time when you want. We welcome you to go online to see you so that you can see your interest so that you can see the exhibition of talks about the geographical spread in the political debate about the political debate. This platform helps you to see the most popular in Pakistan on your mobile devices and computers.

Now, watch Live Pak TV only on one click, update yourself with Pakistani social, political and financial matters.

View all Pakistan Talk Show programs

Pakistani Talk Shows AP brings you all the Pakistani Talk shows programs you watch home on your live TV channels. The talks are related to Pakistan’s current issues, the politics of Pakistan and the problems of other social and current Pakistan. The app is best for those who can not live live TV channels due to their busy schedule and they can catch on the show on this app. The app contains the following types of videos and programs.

Talking about Pakistani politics – You can find it in this app, all of the famous Pakistani politics talks, where you can see the analysts review the country’s political situation like a doctor.

Shahid Masood Talk Show like Hassan Nisar Pakistan Talks.

Pakistani current issues Pakistani Talk Shows – the second type of Pakistani Talk displays videos in this app

The Pakistani Current Affairs Program includes these discussions about the latest Pakistani economic, political and social issues. Kashif Abbasi Pakistani Talk Shows will be displayed by Javed Chaudhry

This Pakistani dialogue Pakistani Talk Showsthat comedy is also included and thinks about Pakistan’s current situation. These funny things include Majaz Bhat, Kharak, Heasi Hall, and other Pakistani comedy shows.

Live with Dr. Shahid Masood A great Pakistani Talk Shows

Live with Dr. Shahid Masood , is a leading communication channel of Pakistan Television channels. Schedule Massoud’s latest day is also a lot about communicating with Pakistani news as well. Dr. Shahid Masood talked with his latest programs about talking about Sharif and Mary Nawaz Nawaz. Dr. Shahid believes that Nawaz Sharif and his daughter will never be able to visit Pakistan. They can cancel their tour. Dr. Shahid Masood believes that Nawaz Sharif is not dared to Benazir Bhutto, there is no passion with Imran.

Dr. Shahid Masood, along with the Live Live on 11 July 2018, discussed the event that Asif Ali Zardari and his sister’s face. He called them an idiot and is fairly confident but a very difficult accountability system. Dr. Shahid has given a lot of importance in his latest Pakistani Talk Shows that Zardari will stay in prison even before the elections come.

Dr. Shahid Masood is very interesting with Live on July 11, 2018, because Dr. Shahid highlighted the attack on Peshawar on July 11, 2018, in which Bashir Bilour’s son Aaron Bulur was killed. Dr. Shahid analyzed the causes and consequences of the deadly incident. Dr. Shahid lives in his latest programs with Shahid Masood, in doubt for future elections. He thinks that it is not clear that the election will be started. Dr. Shahid believes there are many things before going to the polls.

This program is very important for Dr. Shahid with a student of politics on July 11, 2018. It consists of important aspects of national and international political and strategic ideology. Dr. Shahid explained and interacted with regional players with frequent events. He advises the people of Pakistan that they should open their eyes and ears as they are actually occurring. To understand more and more sports needs to be considered and closely monitored. The video will help to analyze and understand the entire scene.

Top 4 Pakistan Talk shows in each category

There are 3 Pakistani Talk Shows. And according to the data captured by YouTube and other hosting websites (for example pop out. Pk), each of our categories has a winner.

1- One discussion with the analysis.

Such Pakistani Talk Showsare usually hosted by an anchor that is not very senior and generally do not have strong opinions about things. She tries to stay under the shadowed by the critical analyst. This trend started by Najam Sethi, but many analysts later adopted.

Here’s a list of four Pakistani Talk Shows in this category

1-Dawn News on Bol Bol Pakistan.

2- 92 news with Ho Kya Raha Ha Arif Najmi

3- About Navita E-Views Dawn News with Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Sami

4- From Rafi Rahima to New News

Multiple Analyst discussion/discussion

Such Pakistani Talk Shows usually have two or more analysts who are rare to participate in any struggle. In these shots, the analysts generally have to agree or complete the ideas on any issue.

Here’s a list of four Pakistani Talk Shows in this category

1- Articles absolute 92

2 – Consider the tanks on Dawn News

3- Report card on Geo News

Such Pakistani Talk Shows are usually with political parties and analysts. Anchor takes a central seat and runs the discussion. These shows usually dominate the anchor.

This category is difficult to take the top 4 because most conversations come in this category. Here’s the top 4 Pakistani Talk Shows list in this category

1- Off the record on Ary News

2- Capital Talk on Geo News

3-Breaking Views with Malik

4- With Kamran Shahid with Right News.

There are just a couple of Pakistani Talk Shows in this category. Try to find different aspects of everyday news in such showcase sections.

Here is a list of old Pakistani Talk Shows List.

1- Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath on Dunya News

2-Aaj Shahzeib Khanzada Kay Sath on geo News

3- Tajzia with Semi Ibrahim Kay Sath on Bol News

There is a lot of options for a showcase, but what does Pure does not have crazy content like different content quality and other websites. At the same time, the product helps the user listen to the audio of the audio so that mobile users can save their data. Mobile data is very expensive in Pakistan.

Aamir Liaquat hussain talk Show

Pakistani television Pakistani Talk Shows that its most controversial content has yet to have struggled for classification.

Aamir Liaqat Hussain, a 41-year-old teenager with a cleanly shaved beard, plans to remove children of this week’s child to the children given to two abandoned children to the unemployed families last month.

Husain announced during a sign that “If we do not meet this child a cat or a dog will eat it,” before offering a small girl wrapped in pink, and his new parents are red. Engage with the audience

Husain is one of Pakistan’s most popular negotiators. During his marathon broadcast, he interviewed with scholars, scholars and celebrities, entertaining children and hostile hosts.

They usually reward prizes such as motorcycles, mobile phones, and earthworks that answer questions about Islam.

But at the beginning of Ramadan holy month, when television stations fight hard for classification, Hussein surprised Pakistan when he presented children with two families.

Engineer 40, Riazuddin said, “We have been told that we have passed all the interviews and have been selected to adopt a child.” “Our baby is on our live TV.”

A Pakistani aid organization, children left by the Chapel Welfare Association, was rescued.

Raman Chapa told her daily Reuters that “In one or two days, the next child will be prepared to God.”

CH-HIP teams dragged garbage dumps and other sites to remove newborn children, while Hussain is also appealed to the children directly.

Pakistani Talk Shows producer Reuters did not ask for a comment. It was not clear that if poor families want to keep their children, they will also help.

Fight for the audience

Many Pakistaniis have expressed hatred that children have been left behind as an attempt to promote classification. Chupta stressed that thousands of people want the child and all possible parents have been properly separated.

He said that the true anger, the families were poor to force them to leave the children.

Hussein’s Pakistani Talk Shows one of the many Pakistani Talk Shows Pakistan media has spread since the last decade or after the independent operation of the industry, especially the tight state control of the decades of broadcasting.

Now, instead of fighting state sanctions, viewers fight for the audience and ads through the viewer’s most angry person

In recent editions, a female anchor added a pair of pairing couples to challenge her ethics, and a news program that once again went to a Broad Broadcaster, in which a blood-blooded blood bleeding in an operating theater. Was demonstrated.

Hussein stands out outside this company too. In 2008, he had a host of religious scholars who asked for the death of Ahmadinejad, a problem in Pakistan is a religious difference. Within a day, two prominent Ahmadis have been killed.

Years ago, the author had to resign from his position as a junior minister of religious affairs after refusing to accept Salman Rogi’s allegations, a crime by death in Pakistan.

Since then, his university degree has come as a fake and a video in which he makes fun of it with scholars.

Sami Shah Sami Shah said, “Nothing is that they will not be able to get an audience.” “If I was an idiot, I would say it might end up badly, but since I’m realistic, I would say it’s already over.”